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An accident can leave you with life-scarring injuries or with a void impossible to fill following the loss of a loved one. The affected family lives in a state of shocked silence and grief for months to follow. And the sense of being wronged is all the more palpable when you know it was the sheer callousness of another person that caused the accident, which could have been prevented.

Your life is no longer going to be the same anymore. The injury-forced break from work and the costly medical treatment should not be reasons for you to suffer. Instead, you deserve to be compensated by those responsible for the mishap. This is why choosing the right lawyer to plead your case becomes so crucial. Who better to consult than attorneys at the law offices of L. Clayton Burgess!   

Our accomplished Andrews injury attorneys ensure that you get the optimum compensation. The competent Andrews Personal Injury Attorneys are always willing to help you fight your way back to normalcy in life.

The most common forms of personal injury cases include auto accidents, truck accidents, wrongful deaths, premises liability cases, and oilfield injury cases. Contact personal injury attorneys in Midland and Odessa to obtain justice for the aggrieved party.

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Despite the various safety features installed in modern-age vehicles, there is still a high probability of car occupants getting severely injured or dying in accidents. Although advanced technology has equipped cars with anti-lock brakes and air-bags to protect their occupants, one can do little to prevent rash or negligent driving by other drivers.

If you or a family member has been injured in an auto accident, you need to hire an auto accident attorney in Andrews at the law offices of L. Clayton Burgess who will file a litigation on your behalf and help you get the compensation you deserve. Our seasoned injury lawyers are competent enough to make your case a success. Similarly, the truck accident attorneys are adept at dealing with auto accident cases. From filing your litigation’s to obtaining an adequate amount as compensation, the Andrews truck accident attorneys are well known for helping you understand the strong points of your case. They persevere with the complicated and tricky clauses in your case that could be a sticking point in the process of compensation claim.

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People in the corporate space are protected by certain mechanisms that ensure their safety from any possible hazards at workplace. It is essential for every employee to be aware of his or her legal rights and entitlements, and this applies to employees working in oilfields. In case of an industrial accident or occupational hazard, knowing your rights well will put you in a strong position to pursue a lawsuit.   

The common injuries in oilfield accidents range from exposure to toxic fumesburnsbrain and head injuries or even amputations in life-threatening cases. Irrespective of the nature of injuries you suffer in an oilfield accident, choose experienced Andrews oilfield accident lawyers for an insightful free case review. They ensure that you get to know more about your prerogatives and receive the maximum compensation possible. These Andrews Injury Attorneys understand the nuances of your case and try their optimally to help you get your due.

In certain cases, you are required to press charges against your associate, proprietor or the organization itself to get suitably compensated for your suffering. This is why you require legal counsel to make your case a strong one. Call us to schedule a free-of-charge case review.

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