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Find Out When You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury cases encompass

After a person suffers a severe injury, insurance companies might exploit the law to serve their vested interests by sending their own investigators and attorneys, who would then try to minimize the damage you have suffered. This is why you need a dedicated injury attorney who can fight for your just cause.

  1. Automobile Accidents
  2. Premises Liability,
  3. Boating Accidents,
  4. Construction Accidents,
  5. Gas Explosions,
  6. Bus Accidents,
  7. Wrongful Deaths,
  8. Motorcycle Accidents,
  9. Trucking Accidents and Bicycle Accidents.

What does Personal Injury Encompass?

An efficient personal injury lawyer will do his best to analyze the losses suffered by the victim, documenting important details and demanding maximum compensation for losses such as:

  1. Mental distress
  2. Property damage
  3. Pain and suffering
  4. Medical expenses
  5. Lost income
  6. Disfigurement or disability

Common Types of Claims Personal Injury Lawyers Handle

Not all personal injury accidents give victims the right to pursue a monetary compensation. Certain types of accidents and injuries are considered more serious than the others. The personal injury attorneys in Midland, TX, however, have a firm grasp of the local tort laws and are willing to take up cases that have made you suffer grave injuries or resulted in the death of a loved one in scenarios such as:

  1. Auto accidents of the kind where car mishaps are the most common due to the distractions and recklessness of drunk and drowsy drivers, who are mainly responsible for the collisions.
  2. Slip and fall cases due to hazardous conditions and forming the basis of premises liability lawsuits.
  3. Workplace accidents that result in costly medical bills, loss of income or, at times, even permanent disability.
  4. Medical or nursing malpractices including medication mistakes, surgical errors, unsanitary premises, negligent patient care, and hospital/emergency room malpractices.
  5. Wrongful deaths

While a fatal injury can be devastating for the victim’s family, such cases have high financial stakes, involving costly medical bills, loss of income or a permanent inability to earn at all in the future. Such incidents leave victims and their families with undue stress, heartaches and financial hardships for a long, long time to come. Compassionate personal injury lawyers in Odessa, TX understand these financial challenges and believe that you should be able to receive the best legal representation possible.

Contact Injury Attorneys in Midland and Odessa

Personal injury attorneys have helped many accident victims get their lives back on track. Their knowledge and competence can help you pursue the maximum compensation for all the damages you have suffered. The goal of the personal injury attorneys in Midland, TX is to resolve their clients’ cases, no matter how tricky or complicated they be. These attorneys believe that accident victims should never have to worry about whether they would be able to afford quality legal representation.

The personal injury attorneys at the law firm of L. Clayton Burgess are dedicated to helping their clients to help the latter retrieve the optimum compensation possible.

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