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At the Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess, our legal representation will be client-specific and will take care of your exclusive needs. If you were incapacitated in an accident or mistreated by someone, or if you witnessed a family member suffering a wrongful death, it is essential for you to get in touch with our team of accomplished personal injury attorneys in Midland & Odessa because we are dedicated to serving you. These lawyers are dynamic and ensure their clients get the justice they deserve. The personal injury lawyers in Midland and Odessa also take up cases of auto accidents and defective products, including medical devices, commercial products and automotive products, medical and nursing home malpractices, and industrial and premises accidents, among others.

The personal injury lawyers in Midland on board dedicate their lives to representing those distressed due to injuries in accidents. The L. Clayton Burgess lawyers recognize the plight of such victims and grant them their full legal support. The personal injury lawyers in Fort Stockton understand how devastating an injury or a wrongful death can be and the lifelong consequences it can have. Therefore, they want to help you obtain your due claim to enable you to retake control of your life. Their legal competence will ensure that you get a suitable compensation and that the party responsible for the accident is held accountable.

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Auto Accident Attorneys in Fort Stockton are Unmatched in Their Legal Strategy

If you are hurt in an auto mishap such as a bike, a car or a truck, you must seek the guidance of a committed auto accident attorney in Midland and Odessa without any delay. The victims of personal injuries that are caused due to auto accidents are entitled to be compensated for any losses that they suffer because of the mishap. The guilty driver’s insurance companies will do all that they can to avoid being contacted following such an accident. This is where the role of an accomplished Fort Stockton Auto Accident Attorney comes into the picture. The Fort Stockton Injury Lawyers will ensure that your legal rights are protected. Looking into the well-being of their clients is always a top priority for these lawyers. Even if your accident wasn’t a severe one but you are experiencing any kind of pain or suffering, the attorneys of L. Clayton Burgess would take cognizance of the matter and ensure that you get a fair deal. They carry out a methodical review of your case and explain to you your rights in detail under the specific laws.

The collisions of big trucks with other smaller vehicles on the road can cause major damages. Commuters traveling in smaller cars are vulnerable to severe and fatal injuries. Add to your list of woes the financial strain following the accident – both in the ensuing medical expenses to help you recover your health and the injury-forced break from work, which was keeping the stove burning – and the distress can too overwhelming to handle. In such a scenario, it helps to engage proficient truck accident attorneys in Midland at the law offices of L. Clayton Burgess, who can efficiently deal with trucking company insurers and can sail through the legal procedures involved in your accident claim.


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Oilfield Injury Attorneys in Fort Stockton Will Help You Get Deserved Compensation

Organizations are bound to be guided by certain safety protocols, which ensure that their workers are safe from any possible dangers at workplace. And, this applies to employees working in oilfields as well. Be it a driller, casual laborer, tool pusher, or someone who is directly involved in a rig, everyone must be aware of their legal rights. In cases of industrial and occupational hazards, being well aware of your rights will put you in a strong position to pursue a lawsuit while knowing the possible loopholes that you must watch out for.  

Minor or severe injuries at oilfield explosions should not prevent you from contacting competent oilfield accident lawyers who can help you get a just compensation. These oilfield injury attorneys in Midland and Odessa understand that every injury case is different from the other and requires a systematic, personalized approach.

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