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How Can an Experienced Oilfield Accident Attorney Help You?

Oilfields can be an extremely unsafe place for workers if proper training and timely inspections aren’t conducted and adequate precautions not taken. Injury-prone materials, heavy instruments, multiple workers performing different tasks, heavy loads, etc. contribute to hazardous working conditions. Oilfield accidents can be extremely devastating and can cause long-term injuries or even death. 

These injuries are expensive to treat and may render a worker incapable of getting back to work and earning a living for the rest of their lives. However, nothing can be more frustrating than fighting those who are liable for your accident at a time when you are recuperating. This is where experienced oil field injury attorneys come into the picture.

Besides assisting you with the legal processes such as filing lawsuits, negotiating with insurance providers, and legally responsible parties, a seasoned attorney will be able to thoroughly analyze your case and discover every source of recovery. This will help you obtain the compensation from sources beyond workers’ compensation benefits. Since oilfield accidents usually involve multiple parties such as drilling crew, casing crew, wire line services and other employees, it becomes extremely complicated to handle an oilfield accident claim. 

Determining the role every party played in the accident and comprehending the complex relationship between parties is crucial to the success of a case. A seasoned oilfield accident attorney, who has experience helping clients with multi-party oilfield litigations, can take your case ahead. 

A skilled oilfield accident lawyer will inspect the site of the accident and collect evidence to build a strong case so that you can focus on your health recovery. A reliable attorney will fight for your rights, seek accountability from the parties responsible for your injuries and recover damages such as medical bills, loss of wages, etc. from them. Apart from this, a seasoned attorney will communicate with the insurance companies on your behalf and negotiate a reasonable settlement amount for you.


The more serious the injuries, the more pressing becomes the need to hire an oilfield accident attorney. However, a person may be hesitant to get in touch with an attorney due to the high costs involved. Since a lot is at stake during such accidents, an oilfield injury lawyer charges on a contingency fee basis, which requires the plaintiff to pay a certain percentage of the settlement/compensation amount to the attorney. However, if the lawyer fails to obtain a fair compensation for their clients, they wouldn’t be entitled to any fee or payment.