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Personal Injury Attorneys in Gail, Midland Make Claim Settlement Process a Cakewalk

Finding the right personal injury attorneys in Midland can be a tedious task. This is because you need the right legal assistance to ensure a fair compensation for your claims. However, not every lawyer has the requisite level of skills and experience in handling personal injury cases.

Hiring an inexperienced personal injury lawyer in Odessa or Midland could make you lose your personal injury case or get an inappropriate compensation. Therefore, it is crucial to hire a skilled attorney, such as those at the Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess, to get what you deserve for your damages in personal injury cases.

In the U.S., around 700,000 personal injury claims are made every year. Also, billions of dollars are paid in compensation to claimants, who sustain injuries and incur losses in varied cases of accidents and injuries. A complainant usually files a claim when he/she incurs losses when someone else is at fault.

Personal injury claims are usually filed in the following cases:

  • Product Liability: Here, a complainant makes a claim against a seller, manufacturer, or anyone else involved in the process for his/her loss due to the faulty product.
  • Medical Malpractice: Such claims are made against hospitals or medical practitioners due to their inability to detect or manage a medical condition, which has brought sufferings to the claimant.
  • Work-Related Injuries: A complainant makes a claim against a company or its employee for the injury he/she has sustained at the workplace.
  • Auto Accidents: A claim in such a case is generally made against the automobile manufacturer or some other motorist on the road, whose negligent behavior has resulted in your injury.
Therefore, instantly call the trustworthy lawyers of L. Clayton Burgess in Midland or Odessa to get your claims settled in an easy and efficient manner.


Car Accident Attorneys in Midland or Odessa Efficiently Handle All Cases of Auto Accidents

If you or someone in your family has recently met with an accident, then it is really important to get in touch with a talented car accident attorney in Midland or Odessa for the timely settlement of the claims you have filed against the motorist or the driver at fault.

At the Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess, we are a team of passionate lawyers with years of experience in overseeing a variety of auto accident cases with an established history of bringing apt compensations to our valued clients. The car and truck accident attorneys in Midland and Odessa are adept at handling even the most sophisticated cases of auto accidents on U.S. roads.

Let’s see what types of damages you could collect from the person at fault in case of auto accidents:

  • Automobile damage: Compensation against the cost of fixing the car
  • Personal property damage: Compensation for damaged stuff like computer in the car or a motorcycle in the carrier trailer
  • Car rental: Insurance companies pay for the car that you rent when your damaged vehicle is in the workshop
  • Out-of-pocket expenses: Direct expenses like paying for a taxi to reach the nearest police station or your home from the site of accident

It is to be understood that filing a lawsuit or a claim might bring a lot of frustration to you, especially if you fail to seek an appropriate legal advice. Therefore, you need a skilled lawyer, who would help you keep all your legal hassles at bay while taking complete responsibility of your claims and compensation.


Get in touch to fix an appointment with our talented attorneys at the Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess in Midland or Odessa.

Oilfield Injury Attorneys in Gail, Midland Have a Proven Record in Oilfield Accident Claim Settlement

Needless to say, oil exploration and production is the most risky industry across the U.S. – known to claim more lives than any other industry in the country annually. Hence, it is imperative to know what you are entitled to if you have been working in this particular sector for quite a long time and have lately sustained an oilfield injury. An oilfield injury attorney in Midland will help you know your legal rights in case of an oilfield accident, in which you have sustained either minor or severe injuries. 

Thankfully, the attorneys at the Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess are exceptionally proficient in handling oilfield injury cases. These oilfield accident lawyers in Odessa and Midland have a proven track record of settling innumerable oilfield injury claims while bringing the judgment in the favor of their clients.

In case of an oilfield injury, you can get compensation for the following damages:

  • Present and future medical cost
  • Back pay and wage loss
  • Future earning loss
  • Physical and emotional suffering
  • Permanent disability
  • Punitive damages


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