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Most lawsuits filed every year do not manage to obtain for the clients the compensation they justly deserve. It’s a subject worth scrutiny why genuine cases fail to receive justice that they ideally should. While the reasons behind deserving clients being so unjustly treated could be several, the failure to engage a competent lawyer is the most common one. This weakens your case right at the start. This is why opting for a proficient attorney is so significant and no law firm could be better than the attorneys at the law offices of L. Clayton Burgess. The personal injury attorneys in Midland & Odessa employ all their skills to make sure that you get optimum compensation for your injuries and subsequent suffering. These lawyers are prepared to back you in complicated personal injury cases, including truck accidents, auto accidents, wrongful deaths, premises liability cases and oilfield injury cases. Contact the Monahans Injury Attorney to get your claims settled easily.

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Engage Auto Accident Attorneys in Monahans for a Suitable Compensation

Have you or a family member been wronged due to the rash driving of others? Automobile accidents are broadly classified into motorcycle, bus and car accidents and annually, they are responsible for more than 35,000 deaths across the country. Each year, more than 3 million people meet with accidents, which are sometimes minor and on other occasions, lethal. These accidents end up causing severe trauma to the victims because of spinal cord and brain injuries, ultimately making them permanently disabled. If you or your family members have been severely injured in a car accident, you are entitled to be compensated for the injuries you suffer. In order to ensure you are duly compensated, you need to employ an auto accident attorney in Monahans, who will take up the case for you. Similar is the case of pursuing claim for victims of trucking accidents.


The seasoned truck accident attorneys in Midland & Odessa at the law offices of L. Clayton Burgess will empathize with your cause and help you out with seeking compensation for your suffering on account of others. Right from the point of filing the claim to receiving the compensation, the Monahans Accident Attorneys are known for helping victims assess the strength of their case and save their time and money. The truck accident lawyers in Monahans understand this.

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Oilfield Injury Attorneys in Monahans Have You Covered

The employees working in corporate organizations are guided by certain safety protocols ensuring safe working conditions. It is essential that every employee be aware of his or her prerogatives, especially those working in oilfields and oil rigs. In cases of occupational hazards, a thorough understanding of your rights will help you file litigation. Competent oilfield accident lawyers in Monahans understand the nuances of your case and are committed to fetching you the optimum compensation. Burns, exposure to toxic fumes, brain and head injuries or even amputations in some cases are some of the common injuries caused by oilfield accidents.

The oilfield accident lawyers in Midland & Odessa at the law offices of L. Clayton Burgess are totally dedicated to your cause and understand how important it is to treat each case differently on its individual merit. They recognize the complex nuances of each case and are committed to getting you a fair deal.     

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Workers who get injured working in oilfields are eligible for a suitable compensation under certain guidelines, but not every injury case can be bracketed under the same category. In certain cases, you would be required to file a lawsuit against your workmate, employer or the business organization you are a part of to be appropriately recompensed.

This is why you need legal counsel and guidance to see your case through to its logical end.

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