Falling equipment/tools

Falling equipment/tools

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Falling equipment/tools

Oil and gas drilling involves many different types of heavy equipment and materials. One of the most dangerous accidents that may occur on an oil rig involves falling equipment and tools.

Such incidents involve objects that fall from an unsecured height, thereby causing a safety hazard.

The following objects may cause injuries on the oil rig:

  • Hand tools – Hand tools in the oil and gas industry are made of dense steel. This means that when it falls, it ends up creating a physical hazard. It is one of the most common causes of injuries on the rigs.


  • Lifting devices – When objects are hoisted without being properly attached to lifting devices, it may lead to a falling hazard. Cranes, pulleys and even elevator platforms could result in falling hazards when goods are not adequately secured.   


  • Mounted equipment-Any equipment mounted at a height such as piping, cameras, lighting, and even rigging hardware may become loose and fall. This ends up creating a hazard to anyone standing below.

Falling equipment/tools

There are certain steps that workers need to take to prevent accidents from occurring. It’s important to wear protective gear, safety glares, and gloves. Here’s what you should do in order to prevent dropped object accidents:

  • Have a site-specific group: Having a group which is part of the safety team is a good step for prevention. This group can specifically focus on the problem areas and create data. This data can then be used to train workers and reduce the number of incidents.
  • Form an inventory program: One of the most reliable ways to prevent equipment and tools from falling is to carry out an inventory checklist that counts tools that are taken to elevated areas and re-counts them when they are returned after the work is completed. This will act as a check on tools being left behind and ensure better safety.

With adequate training and enhanced safety procedures, a majority of worksite accidents can be easily prevented.

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