Ineffective safety programs

Ineffective safety programs

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Ineffective safety programs

Employees in the oil and gas extraction industry continue to be at high risk of injuries and accidents. The constant pressure on them for enhanced productivity, greater physical demands, and long working hours also take a heavy toll. These factors ultimately hamper worker safety.

Ways to Improve Safety for Oil and Gas Workers

It’s important to re-evaluate safety programs at oilfield worksites to reduce the rate of accidents and injuries. Here are a few tips to increase worker safety:

  • Monitor your employees’ mental health: For increased safety, it’s important to build a sense of community and trust with workers which will make it easier for them to obey rules, ask for assistance, seek advice, and admit mistakes.
  • Team up with emergency response organizations: Safety and health professionals need to work together to ensure that all emergencies are handled on an urgent basis. It’s also advisable to take emergency responders on a tour of the worksite to give them an adequate idea of potential emergencies.
  • Ensure familiarity: Before work begins, make sure that the employees understand their role, and are made aware of all the hazards that exist and the safety precautions to take.
  • Conduct regular maintenance checks: To avert accidents, it’s important to prevent premature machine failure. Ensure that there are regular maintenance checks of the machinery and equipment.

When it comes to oilfield worksites, it never hurts to stay prepared. It’s important to understand that it’s the employer’s duty to protect their employees and ensure a safe workplace.

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