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Midland Sexual Harassment Lawyers Can Help Victims Navigate the Stressful Process

Sexual harassment involves unwelcome sexual advances by co-workers in a workplace. It is a kind of discrimination that violates the Civil Rights Act of 1964, New Jersey Law against discrimination, and the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act. Sexual harassment may constitute a wide variety of behaviors and include demands for sexual favors, inappropriate touching, unwelcome advances, lewd comments and gestures. The culprit may be a person from the same or opposite sex and may be a colleague, superior or even a service-staff. 

Although cases of harassment and discrimination at times may amount to lewd verbal remarks, gestures or prejudiced policies that subject an employee to unfair treatment, the discrimination may be of another kind on other occasions. It may comprise inadequate pay for equal performance, holding back promotions or firing someone for invalid reasons.

So, if you or your dear ones have been victims of sexual harassment, you have the right to take action in the following ways:

  • Document the Harassment: If you have been facing constant harassment at your workplace, it’s important that you maintain a detailed record of every offensive activity. You should also preserve the evidence that may demonstrate misconduct. These may include text messages, emails or voicemails.


  • Seek Guidance: If you have felt a sense of discomfort due to unwanted sexual advances at work, you should seek advice from an attorney to figure out whether or not the alleged behavior qualifies as sexual harassment as per the law. In case the alleged harasser has had several complaints filed against him with no stern action being taken by the management, it is extremely important to seek legal assistance even before following the company’s sexual harassment policy.

Why engage the services of an experienced sexual harassment attorney?

If you have faced sexual harassment at your workplace, a sexual harassment lawyer can help you get justice. Apart from helping you report the harassment, a harassment lawyer will provide suggestions on the steps you can take to defend yourself legally. So, if you are based in Midland, you have access to several reputed sexual harassment lawyers in Midland. These lawyers are experienced in handling all types of sexual harassment and discrimination cases for clients across Texas.

With years of legal experience behind them, Midland Employment Law Attorneys work closely with their clients and approach their cases with their aggressive strategies. These strategies are formulated while keeping in mind the clients objectives, as well as their financial capacities.

Implications for employers accused of sexual harassment

When an employee, manager or owner of a company is accused of sexual misconduct, the reputation of the business is on the line. Since a lot is at stake, businesses should be prepared to deal with all situations that may arise in the process. So, if you are a business based out in Midland, Midland Employment Law Attorneys can help you evaluate sexual harassment claims against your company.

These attorneys are experienced enough to defend the image of their business clients and prevent it from getting tainted.

What is the liability of employers on being accused of sexual misconduct?

An employer may be held responsible for any misconduct that creates a hostile environment at a workplace. In order to avoid liability, employers should take concerted measures to prevent any sort of sexual misconduct. Apart from this, employers are prohibited from bringing retaliation against the claimant. In case of non-adherence, employers may be forced to pay a compensatory amount to the employee. As a responsible business entity, employers are also obliged to the alleged offender to ensure that a thorough investigation is carried out and the action taken isn’t unnecessary and extreme. 

As a company based out in Midland, you may get in touch with several Midland Employment Law Attorneys who diligently work on your case. Besides assisting in drafting sexual harassment policies for the company and probing the complaint, these professionals also help employers in facilitating a zero-tolerance policy towards sexual harassment, and have it signed by each employee.

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