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What are my options for claiming medical expenses apart from workers’ compensation insurance?

Oilfield accidents can be devastating as most of the injuries suffered by the victim are extremely serious and may render them disabled for a long period of time or permanently. So if you or your family members have suffered injuries in an oilfield, the medical expenses, psychological trauma and loss of wages can actually take a toll on you. Therefore, it is important that you protect your interests and claim your damages by understanding whether all your medical bills will be covered after an oilfield accident.

The law mandates that employers remunerate their workers for any expenses related to on-the-job injury through ‘workers’ compensation insurance’, including compensation for temporary and permanent disability. As a victim of an oilfield accident, you cannot sue your employer unless the compensation is not completely covered by the workers’ compensation insurance. However, if you manage to prove the negligence of someone other than your employer (a third party), you may recover reimbursements through a civil claim.

In fact, you can claim more in indemnities by filing a third party personal injury claim than the sum you may recover through your workers’ compensation insurance. However, the value of your case is determined by several factors such as cost of medical bills, lost wages due to inability to resume work because of prolonged treatment and personal property damage, etc. Since proving the negligence of the accused is significant in a personal injury claim, it is important that you keep records of medical bills and other associated expenses.

You may talk at length about your pain, suffering or any other emotional distress you had to undergo while claiming compensation in a personal injury case. Doing so can make a difference to your final settlement amount. While they aren’t easy to quantify, they add value to the settlement amount. In case your employer or a third party harmed you intentionally or has been accused of illegal practices, you are entitled to punitive damages (a form of punishment ordered by the court to the defendant).

The oilfield industry has witnessed several accidents and injuries. In order to ensure that your medical bills are paid after the accident, make sure you get in touch with an experienced oilfield accident attorney, who can guide you through the complex legal process of oilfield accident lawsuits. Such an attorney will work with your employer to ensure that you get your due amount from the workers’ compensation insurance to cover your medical bills and other financial losses.

An oilfield injury attorney can help you take legal action against a third party or your employer if you have sustained injuries due to their negligence, deliberate acts or illegal activities, so that you can get the money you deserve.