What damages are available if I file a lawsuit against my employer or a third party in case of an oilfield accident?

What damages are available if I file a lawsuit against my employer or a third party in case of an oilfield accident?

Oilfield accidents can lead to devastating injuries, including severe burns, amputations, fractures, blindness, head, neck and spine injuries, hearing loss, traumatic brain injury (TBI), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and permanent mutilation, etc. In most cases, financial compensation is critical to complete recovery for the victims.

So, if your employer or a company/person other than your employer (third party) is responsible for the injuries you have suffered, you are eligible to file a lawsuit against the accused party. However, in order to win an oilfield lawsuit, you must prove that your employer or third party is guilty of causing you harm or injuries. As opposed to workers’ compensation claims where you need not prove the accused party guilty of causing you harm, in case of an oilfield injury lawsuit, it is mandatory to prove that your employer or a third party contributed to your injuries for you to win your case. This is where engaging the services of an experienced oilfield accident attorney becomes critical.

So, if you or any of your dear ones have sustained injuries in an oilfield accident, you are entitled to compensation for your losses. A seasoned attorney will help you with all the paperwork involved in filing a lawsuit against your employer or the third party. Since the primary objective is to recover money for covering your medical expenses and other financial losses, attorneys will negotiate with insurance companies to get you an optimum deal. Most lawsuits include claims for:

  • Loss of income due to prolonged absence from work while recuperating from your injuries.
  • Loss of future earning potential due to permanent disability or reduced ability to work.
  • The cost of current and future medical care, which you might require because of your accident.
  • The cost of your growing personal and household expenses as a result of your grievances.
  • Compensatory damages for anxiety, mental anguish and other psychological issues that have emerged as a result of the injuries.
  • Reimbursements for loss of companionship and declined quality of life.

Whatever claim you are entitled to, it is sensible to have an experienced oilfield injury attorney by your side. An experienced oilfield accident attorney will stand by you and help you sail through the complex legal procedures involved in oilfield accident lawsuits.