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    Workers’ compensation laws help workers during on-the-job accidents. Like every state, Texas has its own Workers’ Compensation Act in the Texas Labor Code. It outlines various provisions of the state’s workers’ compensation program and employers are expected to abide by these laws meant to protect the interest of employees in the event of injuries, though the laws are not applicable to every single employer in Midland & Odessa. For example, as per the Texas Labor Code Chapter 406, Workers’ compensation insurance is an elective coverage. If an employer doesn’t offer this cover, they should notify the Division of Workers’ compensation in writing.

    If your employer provides workers’ compensation insurance, it will cover all types of injuries “within the course and scope of employment,” regardless of who really is at fault. It includes injuries at the workplace as well as outside the office. For example, if a pizza delivery person meets with a car accident while delivering pizza, they will be entitled to workers’ compensation. However, if the accident occurs when the employee was driving from office to home, it won’t be considered a work-related injury. The insurance doesn’t cover injuries due to horseplay, willful criminal acts, self-injury, alcohol or drug addiction, acts of God, or any criminal act by a third party. 

    Why You’ll Need Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Midland & Odessa

    Receiving workers’ compensation is not easy as in general, a company hardly bothers about the welfare of its employees. What companies really care about is their bottomline. Insurance companies try their level best to deny a claim on trivial technical grounds. You can expect to get compensation only when a seasoned lawyer is there by your side. Their task will be to address your concerns and answer every question you have in your mind. Even if you don’t have any question, they will explain some of the critical ones hovering in your mind. For example:

    • An insurance company and an adjuster won’t tell an injured worker that they are entitled to a cash advance on their weekly workers’ compensation checks. An injured worker is entitled to three times the weekly compensation amount. Your workers’ compensation attorney will tell you many such things for your benefit.


    • In case you were employed for less than 13 weeks, you will be entitled to receive the compensation at the same rate as those who worked for more than 13 weeks. It’s possible to increase the weekly paycheck amount.


    • There is no law in Texas that forbids an employer from sacking an injured employee from their job provided the termination is not based on retaliation for talking to a lawyer, seeking medical care, or filing for benefits for which the injured employee was eligible.


    • If you are receiving Temporary Income Benefits (TIBs), you’ll only be entitled to receive weekly payments through mailed check or direct deposit. After receiving Impairment Rating, you’ll become entitled to receive Impairment Income Benefit, which is paid out weekly. However, you can also request for lump sum benefit.

    Why Hire L.Clayton Burgess?

    If you have suffered an injury during work and are looking for an experienced lawyer to navigate the workers’ compensation laws, come and talk to L.Clayton Burgess. We will help you in every possible manner. When you are bedridden, have no income stream, and have medical expenses, we work hard to protect your interests.

    • We have a team of experienced attorneys and professional paralegal staff who work hard to get the best possible outcome.
    • We work proactively to gain a thorough understanding of every possible details of your case in order to protect your rights. When you hire us, you receive personalized service and attention.
    • We always keep you posted about all the developments related to your matter and thoroughly guide you to help you take an informed decision.

    Our Services

    We, at L. Clayton Burgess, deal with all the matters pertaining to workers’ compensation, prepare and file all the necessary documentation, and appear in every proceeding on your behalf. We handle all types of injury claims including those related to neck injury, strains, back trauma, knee injury, rotator cuff problem, or damage to ligaments or tendons.                                       

    Our attorneys have a comprehensive understanding of the laws and regulations governing workers’ compensation in Midland & Odessa. We work with workers from different industries such as factory workers, construction workers, firefighters, and police officers. It provides us unique insights and the capability to handle complex cases.

    Our team is available 24/7 and can be contacted via phone or email. Just drop an email or call us to schedule an appointment. The initial consultation is absolutely FREE. We don’t charge for case evaluation. So, nothing to worry about if you or a loved one suffers an on-the-job injury; we’ll help you get more compensation than what your employer may possibly offer. You’ll eventually get the settlement you deserve

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